David Yellowhorse

Navajo Artist

David Yellowhorse is a world renowned, 4th generation Native American Inlay Artist. His highly respected reputation has brought him worldwide recognition, and Heritage Collectables is proud to have had the opportunity to work with, and market his exclusive Limited Edition creations for close to 20 years. Included in the many commemoratives we have partnered with David are the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Collection, Crazy Horse by Yellowhorse, the NCAA Collegiate Collection, Pheasants Forever, Nevada Bighorns, Wyoming Cowboy Joe Club, Chris LeDoux by Yellowhorse, Cuthair II by Yellowhorse and the Nevada Mining Museum. His Navajo culture and heritage is strongly reflected in his artwork making his handmade, Limited Editions highly sought after by collectors.

In addition, David has designed and created many one of a kind creations that Heritage Collectibles has donated for various fund raisers. These pieces have generated over $300,000.00 to selected organizations.