Beauty is Definitely in the Eye of the Beholder

Any kid in the rural south can tell you that armadillos are both fun to chase and easy to catch.  They are nearly blind and just as deaf.  To catch one, you simply run it down and grab it by the tail, avoiding contact with its claws, which supposedly can give you leprosy. Think about that – Leprosy!  If you thought there was even a possibility would you go near an Armadillo?  Let alone eat one!  Yup, the armadillo has found its way onto the dinner plate, and apparently, in some rare cases, it has transmitted leprosy. I truly am an animal lover; however, I have never quite been able to find a soft spot in my heart for the Armadillo.  Truthfully, it kind of gives me the hee bee gee bees and that was before I knew anything about their tendency to carry leprosy.

So, going forward, the closest you will see me to an Armadillo will be holding on to this: